One of the most important things on a construction site is lighting. Indeed, many projects can only be completed after the sun goes down, and even during daylight hours, shadows and other obstructions might prevent a specific area from getting the lighting it needs. This not only makes work hard to do in some situations, but it can also create unsafe conditions for workers. In order for construction lights to be as highly functional as they need to be, it is important that they have these three characteristics:
Construction sites are temporary, so naturally they require portable lighting. Plus, portable construction lights can be adjusted, allowing them to illuminate specific spots in shadowed or hard to reach places. And, when the project is over, the lights can be easily packaged and moved onto the next one.
In many cases, it is only by the temporary construction lighting on a site that any work can get done at all. For instance, road work construction is most often done at night. In a recent survey conducted by the Asphalt Pavement Alliance, eight out of 10 drivers said they preferred if road maintenance was performed during off-peak hours. It’s one of the reasons most road building contractors work at night. And for such projects, which need to get done quickly and in an isolated area, it is very important that the lighting equipment works the whole time.
Of course, all construction companies need to consider their budgets when investing in material for a work site. Choosing machinery that fits the budget is just as important as considering its maintenance. For instance, switching to something like LED bulbs could be economical. In 2012, about 49 million LEDs were installed in the U.S., saving about $675 million in annual energy costs. Today’s LED bulbs can be six to seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights, so getting a solar light tower with LED bulbs is no doubt a very wise move.
Before you depart for your construction site, make sure to prepare with the best possible solar light tower construction light for your project!