portable light tower
It is time to replace your diesel light towers and Solight has a range of solar light towers to meet your needs regardless of your environment or application.

No more maintenance. No more fueling. No more sound and smells.

The portable light tower is the most efficient and environmentally friendly option on the market for construction and work sites, government and state agencies, mining sectors, road work, weddings, outside events, golf courses, parking lots and anywhere else you might need light, power or surveillance remotely.

Solight light towers range from 100 watt to 1500 watt towers and can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Need more help deciding?


  • 1500 total watt solar panels
  • 15 minute set-up
  • 48 hour continuous-run battery
  • Back-up power charging port
  • Adjustable tilt solar panels


  • 1200+ watt retractable solar array
  • 15 minute set-up
  • 40+ hour continuous-run battery
  • Charged by sun, wind, 240/110AC plug or NATO Slave
  • Can ship via container or 463L pallet
  • Powder coated steal construction


  • 915 total watt solar panels
  • 15 minute set-up
  • 36 hour continuous-run battery
  • Back-up charging port
  • Can ship via overseas container
  • Lights have 360 degree rotation


  • 125 total watt solar panels
  • Immediate set-up
  • 8 hour continuous use


  • 100 total watt solar panels
  • 8 hour continuous use

Need more lights? Need more batteries? We Customize!

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to produce the product that fits your needs.
Product customizing ranges from manufacturing changes to product functionality.