solar light towers for construction


A construction site needs light in order to operate, both practically and by OSHA standards. And yet, light is not the main focus at a site — the job at hand is. When the materials you are using to help you complete a task are more time- and labor-intensive than the task itself, you know you’ve got a problem. However, Solight’s solar light towers for construction sitesĀ can provide the portable lighting solutions your crew needs to finish any project, large or small.

Ease. Convenience. Quiet.
Solight’s portable trailer lights are designed for one-person setups and instant operation. In fact, our eco-friendly solar panels don’t make any of the noise that the old fashioned generator systems do, so they are just as quiet as they are convenient. The adjustable 30-foot masts on the portable light towers allows for 360-degree rotation, so moving through a construction site is a simple process.

Environmentally Responsible
The fact of the matter is that it is no longer responsible not to upgrade to more eco-friendly alternatives. Ethical considerations for both your company and the clients who employ you are accounted for by investing in the future in this manner. No emissions or pollutants are released when you use a Solight portable light tower, and since you’ll almost never have to replace the environmentally-friendly LED bulbs, they generate virtually no waste.

Simply Cost Efficient
A combination of the reduced energy usage, versatility, and long-life LED lights make for an extremely affordable portable lighting solution. The portable construction lights from Solight also need virtually no maintenance, so you and your crew can concentrate on the actual job.

With such a quick return on investment on our portable construction lights, there is no reason why construction businesses should not make this long-term investment. Your solar-charged portable light tower will light your projects for many years to come with dependable 24/7 operation, environmentally-responsible energy generation, and tolerance for extreme environments and weather conditions.

Say goodbye to diesel smells, engine maintenance, and frequent bulb changes, and say hello to reliable, eco-friendly construction lighting when you purchase from Solight.

Need more lights? Need more batteries? We Customize!

Our in-house manufacturing allows us to produce the product thatĀ fits your needs.
Product customizing ranges from manufacturing changes to product functionality.