The U.S. construction market is the second largest in the world, bringing in a market share of around 10%. Not only that, but there are more than 7.8 million production workers in the nation’s construction industry, many of whom work for the biggest construction firms on the planet.

But with millions of people working with heavy equipment and power tools, often on dangerous job sites, the industry has to focus on construction safety now more than ever before. Night construction is especially hazardous, especially without the right lighting. Far too many fatal construction accidents happen at night, which is why proper lighting equipment is a huge part of construction safety.

To keep millions of American workers safe after the sun goes down, portable light towers are making a difference in three big ways.

Set Up and Transport

They’re not called portable for nothing. Construction lights often need a stationary generator for power, and thus need to remain in one spot. However, portable construction lights allow for easy setup and transportation. In fact, most of them come equipped with wheels for mobility purposes. Portable lights provide quick and easy setup as well, with light steel frames and cabinets for cable storage.

Not only is this more convenient for workers, but it makes it easier to move lights where they’re most needed.

High Lighting Capabilities

The best portable light towers can generate up to five times more light than stationary towers, and are often designed with this purpose in mind. Because OSHA standards mandate that level I lighting is required for all areas of a construction site, these portable towers are designed with high lighting capacity in mind. So not only do these towers protect workers, they protect companies by keeping them in line with OSHA standards for construction lighting.

Added Power

One of the most unexpected and pleasant surprises offered by portable lights is their use as an additional source of power on construction sites. If you have a portable tower, there’s no need for an additional generator. And if ditching the generator isn’t enough of a benefit, portable towers also consume less fuel than traditional lights. That means they can save money on the construction site’s energy bill as well.

Not only do portable towers provide workplace safety benefits, they’re some of the most cost efficient lights in the industry. For a lower price, these lights have the ability to do more on a construction site than any other kind of traditional light source.