The vast majority of traditional construction sites, when not using grid power for their lighting, will turn to gas- or diesel-powered generators for their lighting. However, advances in energy efficient tools and LED lighting, as well as more construction site regulations, have pushed the need for alternative energy options for on-site power and lighting. So when creating your light plan, the inclusion of solar light towers and solar powered generators is essential.

Why Solar Power?

Solar-powered construction lights, like any solar device, use a clean and renewable form of energy to generate their electricity. Not only is this good news, it’s good for your wallet. Whether you’ve used solar towers in your garden at home or on a construction site, you know that they provide a great opportunity to save money and take less from the environment. Not only that, but the quality LED bulbs inside of them have a lifespan that is often up to 25 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb.

OSHA Standards

While having too much light on your site can be detrimental to your employees, OSHA has lighting standards that should be followed at all times. There are three different levels of lighting: level I, which is required for all work operations areas around your site, level II, which is recommended for asphalt paving and milling, and level III, which is recommended for any joint repair or pavement patching work. Solar light towers, depending on their size and voltage, can cover all of these areas on your site.

Portable Lighting

Portable construction lights are crucial to work sites, especially those that involve road work inside of tunnels or other dark expanses. Solar lights allow you to work without a battery, or simply use batteries as backup. They are not only better for the environment, they’re more efficient in dark sites. They come in all sizes that you’d expect a portable light to come in, and often work better for longer periods of time.

Noise reduction, environmental friendliness, and overall effectiveness are just a few of the many reasons to start using solar construction lights on your sites. If your questions weren’t already answered, don’t hesitate to do some research!