When new construction begins on a structure, tunnel, roadway, or any other project of considerable size, dependable construction lighting is always at the top of the list of challenges, and for good reason. Construction safety is of the utmost importance, as there are just under 8 million workers in the industry.

The biggest challenge for many contractors is the different phases construction sites may transition through in the duration of a project. As tunnels go deeper and farther away from power sources, the ability to light the entirety of the work area safely is extremely challenging.

OSHA Standards

Although they meet OSHA standards for safe lighting, metal halide lights are often too bright for the workers since they create a large amount of glare. Fluorescent and incandescent lights also provide enough adequate lighting to meet OSHA standards with less glare, but the heat emitted by the bulbs is often extremely uncomfortable for workers.

Growing Global Infrastructure

Transportation and storm water retention systems are more vital than ever, especially with the planet’s growing population. As tunnel infrastructures become more prominent, so too does the need for lighting solutions that are explosion proof and heat resistant. Unlike incandescent bulbs, this makes LED lights a far safer option because they use energy far more efficiently while emitting less heat. Portable lighting in the form of solar towers and portable trailer lights are vital in these situations.

Temporary Construction Lighting

Previously, multiple workers were needed to simply keep incandescent string light bulbs fresh, a piece of maintenance to keep workers safe. LED lamps provide more, higher quality lighting than 100 watt incandescent string lights without the high heat and fragile glass construction of traditional lamps. In fact, LED bulbs can last more than 25 times longer than traditional bulbs, which makes them an ideal candidate for portable lighting on construction sites. With the low energy requirements of LED lamps, mile long tunnel work sites are now physically possible.

There is nothing more important than the safety of workers on the job. Following OSHA standards and utilizing LED solutions for night and underground work could save lives and ensure a job well done.